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10 Best British Beauty Bloggers on Instagram As of 2022

The initial goal of blogs and blogging, which are similar to online diaries, was for people to discuss their personal lives online. Blogging has evolved over the last decade from a more personal to a more professional purpose. Professionals began to write for the public to promote their personal brand and business, rather than just for their friends and family.

Instagram reigns supreme today. Instagram is used for a variety of purposes, including discovering new trends and promoting your business. Instagram influencer marketing is the craze of the moment. Similarly, beauty blogging is also the new big thing. British beauty bloggers are taking up the Instagram world by storm.

With so many new product releases and British beauty bloggers sharing their must-have items, we thought we’d make things a little easier. As a result, we’ve done all of the grunt work.

British Beauty Bloggers

From the originals to our holy grails, here are the top beauty bloggers we look to for the much-needed advice and beauty dose! Let’s have a look.

Instagram InfluencersInstagram FollowersInstagram Handles
Laila Swann1.4m followers@lailaloves
Nikki Patel795k followers@nikkissecretx
Caroline Hirons 685k followers @carolinehirons 
Amelia Liana512k followers@amelialiana
The Anna Edit479k followers@theannaedit
Hello October242k followers@suziebonaldi
Beth Sanland89.5k followers@bethsandland
Hannah Gale78.5k followers@hannahfgale
British Beauty Blogger37.4k followers@britbeautyblog
Jodie Melissa15.2k followers@jodie.melissa

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Laila Swann

It’s easy to see why Laila (@lailaloves on Instagram) has become one of the UK’s top beauty influencers, thanks to her casual-chic style and love of colorful makeup looks. Laila promotes a wide range of businesses in her upbeat, sun-kissed Instagram posts, but she has been a particularly vocal supporter of Lottie London. Following Laila’s endorsement of Lottie London’s Blush Crush in March 2020, the company collaborated with the influencer on two neon eye palettes that were released in April and sold out almost immediately.

Following the huge success of their first collaboration, the brand collaborated with Laila on a comprehensive range of eye, lip, and complexion products, which were released in September 2020 to rave reviews from influencers. Between March 2020 and February 2021, the Lottie x Laila Loves collection received mentions from 113 content providers, accounting for $2.7 million of Lottie London’s $27.3 million in EMV and helping the brand grow by 119 percent year on year. Laila, one of Lottie London’s top earners, generated $1.1 million in EMV over 103 mentions during the time period tracked, demonstrating the importance of providing influencers with collaboration opportunities.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


Nikki Patel

The cosmetics and skincare aficionado, who posts daily Instagram instructions for her 800k+ followers, is one of the UK beauty world’s most powerful voices. Nikki (@nikkissecretx on Instagram) has been an outspoken supporter of Murad, incorporating products like the Prebiotic 4-in-1 Cleanser and Nutrient-Charged Water Gel into calming skincare routines, fueled by heightened interest in self-care during lockdowns.

While Nikki has occasionally collaborated with Murad on sponsored pieces, such as a promotion for the clean beauty brand’s Vita-C product pair, the majority of her endorsements are genuine—proof that her relationship with Murad isn’t based on money. The business also ensured that the final material would seem real and captivating by enlisting the help of a long-time fan for sponsored activations. From March 2020 to February 2021, Nikki was Murad’s No. 1 EMV-driver, with 46 posts inspiring $971.7k EMV of the brand’s total $13.7 million EMV.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


Caroline Hirons

We couldn’t make a list of some of our favorites without including the Queen herself at the top.

Caroline Hirons is one of the most well-known skincare and beauty bloggers in the UK, and for good reason! She is an aesthetician, facialist, and brand consultant who knows everything there is to know about skincare. Caroline’s blog and YouTube channel are dedicated to educating both men and women all over the world with all of the skincare information they will ever need, and she publishes product reviews, AM and PM regimens, and comprehensive brand overviews.

Caroline is also launching her own book, which can only be regarded as a skincare bible if that wasn’t enough. Queen C is very well-known in celebrity circles, and she frequently appears on This Morning, where she demonstrates how to improve one’s skincare routine. Do you have a skincare question? Caroline’s blog and social media networks have the solution.

Caroline is a well-known UK influencer. Her Instagram account has almost 368K followers. If you’re searching for someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to beauty and skincare, she’s your best bet.

She’s been referred to as the “queen of skincare.” You may discover reviews of beauty and skincare items on her Instagram page on a regular basis. She began her career as a facialist, brand strategist, and aesthetician before deciding to pursue a career in social media. If you want to appeal to a diverse audience, she is the perfect person to contact.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


Amelia Liana

We can see why Amelia Liana is one of the most well-known beauty influencers in the world!

She uses her self-titled blog and YouTube channel to share a variety of entertaining beauty-related content with a global audience. Amelia also flaunts her flawless skin while sharing her favorite cosmetic purchases at events such as Black Friday and holiday gift suggestions. Don’t worry, she always shows you how she achieves her final look!

Aside from that, Amelia frequently shows her seasonal beauty needs and reveals her favorite picks from companies like Kiehl’s. As a result of all of this, Amelia has achieved tremendous success in business, working with some of the world’s most well-known companies.

Amelia Liana, with her Instagram account @amelialiana, is one of the most well-known names in the world of beauty influencers. On Instagram, she now has over 500 thousand followers. So far, she’s built a massive name for herself by cooperating on Instagram with beauty behemoths like Givenchy Beauty, Clinique, Boots, and Neutrogena. For her fans, she frequently shares cosmetic tips, unboxing videos, and product reviews. She’s a terrific pick for your next brand ambassador because of her large following and distinctive and joyful speaking style.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


The Anna Edit

Anna Newton founded The Anna Edit (formerly Vivianna Does Makeup) to showcase her passion for beauty as one of the first beauty bloggers.

Her passion for beauty drew her into the online realm of lifestyle, fashion, and interior design, leading to the formation of her blog and YouTube channel.

Anna is still one of the most followed beauty bloggers on the internet over a decade later. She discusses some of the finest beauty expenditures she has ever made, including anything from quick and simple five-minute makeup procedures to how to pack your skincare routine for a trip abroad. Anna is the gal to go to if you’re seeking straightforward, basic beauty advice.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


Hello October

Suzi Bonaldi is the creator of the lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog and YouTube channel ‘Hello October.’

Suzi posts a variety of beauty-related articles on her blog and social media accounts. Suzi discusses everything from day to night skincare regimens to organizing her cosmetics and her favorite makeup products of the year.

Suzi also reveals her tanning procedure and gives her fans a behind-the-scenes look at how she applies makeup to look effortlessly gorgeous and glowing.

If you’re looking for beauty and all things related to it, you should get in touch with her right away.

She is a beauty and fashion connoisseur. She has 224K followers on Instagram. She has previously worked for a variety of companies.

Her Instagram followers enjoy her Q&As, product reviews, and beauty demonstrations. Her morning and evening routines, as well as the best cosmetic items to use, may also serve as inspiration.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


Beth Sandland

Beth Sandland has become one of the most prominent beauty influencers online thanks to her amazing photographic talents, which she showcases on her website and throughout social media.

Beth Sandland, who blogs under the name Beth Sandland, shares her current beauty favorites and product reviews on her self-titled site. She also chronicles her experiences with microblading and microdermabrasion, as well as other cosmetic and skincare procedures.

Beth’s Instagram is definitely one to drool over, with breathtaking photos and flat-lays of items that will have you filling up your online shopping bag with cult beauty products in no time.

Do you want an influencer that not only talks about cosmetics but also about skincare treatments?

People nowadays demand immediate and long-term results, therefore skin treatments are gaining popularity. The second Instagram influencer on this list, Beth Sandland, can provide you with a wealth of knowledge regarding skin procedures including microblading and microdermabrasion. Not only that, but she also publishes product reviews and product recommendations. You won’t be able to resist buying anything for your cosmetic cupboard after perusing her Instagram feed. With 68K followers, you may expect a large number of followers if you hire her as an influencer.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale is a renowned UK lifestyle and beauty blogger who transitioned from journalist to blogger. Hannah opted to generate material for herself and her own site rather than for others after owning her website domain since her university days. As a result, she decided to try her hand at blogging and hasn’t looked back since!

Hannah discusses her love for all things beauty – cosmetics, skincare, and everything in between – in addition to talking about lifestyle and the occasional parenting piece. Hannah’s blog and social media are a one-stop-shop for all your beauty requirements, from discussing her favorite products of the year to giving the details on her current skincare routine, recording beauty hauls, and writing first impression blogs.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


British Beauty Blogger

Jane Cunningham began her career as a writer for the print and digital media industries before switching to blog postings. This was the first time the term “British Beauty Blogger” appeared.

Jane’s years of experience in both the media and the beauty industry have provided her with a wealth of knowledge, making her the ideal beauty blogger. Jane’s website is a one-stop-shop for everything beauty and skincare, from in-depth product reviews to exciting new launches, dupes, and even brand overviews.

Jane’s Instagram is also brimming with beautiful product photos and instructional video tutorials.

If you need someone who has worked in both the beauty and media industries, the British Beauty Blogger is the right person for the job. Jane Cunningham started her career as a freelance writer for print and online publications.

Jane has more than 38.5 thousand Instagram followers who like and share her photos and videos. Her Instagram page features artistic presentations of cosmetic techniques, reviews, and suggested products that she is currently using. Because she is well-versed in both beauty and media, you can put your trust in her influencer experience.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle


Jodie Melissa

Jodie decided to take the plunge and become a full-fledged beauty blogger after experimenting with a few other ‘beauty blogs’ in her early teens.

Jodie is quickly growing her loyal following and becoming one of the most popular beauty bloggers online, thanks to her entertaining and educational material on both her self-titled blog and an Instagram feed. Jodie and her brand are accessible and real, sharing thorough evaluations of both beauty goods and treatments, seasonal cosmetic favorites, and showcasing her extensive makeup collection.

Jodie was a logical fit for our list of favorite beauty bloggers, having worked with some of the UK’s most well-known cosmetics companies.

Instagram followers


Instagram handle



Many individuals aspire to be beauty influencers, which is why becoming one is becoming increasingly tough. However, having a strategy that demonstrates how to grow an audience and get in front of beauty businesses to demonstrate your amazing beauty talents would greatly benefit your influencing career.

The beauty influencers listed above are a few of the many who are spreading positivity and creativity in society.

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