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5 Best Cinemas In Birmingham: Tickets & Contact Info

Cinema has always been an important aspect of the entertainment business. It has a significant impact on the lives of people all around the world. Because it deviates from the usual, it has seen significant alterations even in recent decades. They watch movies when they can’t face reality. Cinema, on the other hand, has a variety of advantages. Whether searching for a scary movie, a romantic comedy, or just a good old-fashioned family film, Birmingham’s cinema culture provides something for everyone. You can go to a big-screen multiplex or a tiny, local movie theatre in this city. Birmingham is a popular filming location. Therefore you might see some of the city’s landmarks in the movies.

Cinemas In Birmingham

There are numerous cinemas in London’s second city, but these are among the greatest. “How so?” you inquire. Not to mention the excellent cuisine and beverages you’ll be able to taste during your visit. Birmingham offers various possibilities for a romantic night out, an arthouse visit, or an opportunity to show your support for a local business.

Cinemas Near MeContact
Everyman Cinema+44 1233 555642
Millennium Point+44 121 202 2200
Odeon Broadway Plaza+44 333 014 4501
Vue Cinemas+44 345 308 4620
Outdoor Cinema Birmingham+44 7790 665935

If you want to get your Cinema added to the list, please drop us an email at: info@probritisher.uk OR share details in the contact form.

Everyman Cinema

Everyman Cinema should be on your list of options when looking for a place to see a movie in Birmingham. Consider the plush velvet couches for two, the delectable grilled fare, and the most recent film releases. Food and wine can be ordered in each screening room and delivered directly to your seat. In the end, this is the pinnacle of Birmingham’s cinematic achievements. 

Everyone is altering the way things are done. They enjoy watching movies. At their restaurants, you can get wine and a freshly cooked pizza delivered to your table for the price of a Coke. The BBC broadcasts live opera and ballet performances worldwide from London’s Royal Opera House. 

You can participate in discussions with some of the film’s most prominent and daring characters. Special screenings will commemorate the anniversaries of some of cinema’s most iconic masterpieces. 

The admission price includes complimentary drinks and pizza/hot dogs. 

They worked hard to make the environment welcoming. This is a great place to dine because of the excellent cuisine, drink options, and friendly staff. Everyman has something for everyone, from mainstream, independent, and vintage films to special events and satellite broadcasts to various live satellite broadcasts. 

People from all walks of life will be relocating to new areas across the United Kingdom in the coming months and years. 

The National Theatre is bringing the best of British theatre to audiences worldwide for the first time with National Theatre Live. 


Map Location of Everyman Cinema

The Mailbox, 116 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 1RF, United Kingdom

User Reviews

It’s the ideal film for a memorable occasion! The simplicity and design of the bar and lounge are stunning. The seats have plenty of legroom. Orders are taken and delivered directly to your cinema seats. It is, in any case, irreplaceable. Everything about the meal was excellent. The atmosphere was welcoming, and the food and drinks were delicious. It received a 4.6 out of 5 rating from 1097 moviegoers.

Everyman Cinema, Cinemas in Birmingham
Everyman Cinema, Cinemas in Birmingham

Millennium Point

Millennium Point, sitting majestically on the eastern outskirts of Birmingham’s city, is difficult to overlook. The massive complex houses ThinkTank, Birmingham’s second scientific museum, and Birmingham City University. IMAX, housed in a massive auditorium with curved floor-to-ceiling screens, is a hidden gem. Among other things, the outstanding theatre hosts cinema screenings. Wine, movie, and trivia evenings should be on your radar, among other seasonal and themed activities. 

This historic public tower, as well as various award-winning venues and philanthropic organisations, can be found on Birmingham’s Eastside. 

Millennium Point, Birmingham’s multi-award-winning convention and events centre, is located on the city’s east side. A portion of the earnings from their commercial activities is donated to STEM-related projects, events, and initiatives owned by the Millennium Point Charitable Trust in Birmingham and the surrounding area. 

MPT has given more than £25 million back to the community over the last six years. 

The Millennium Point Charitable Trust makes annual contributions to non-profits, schools, and colleges across the West Midlands Combined Authority. Applicants must meet the qualifying standards and demonstrate a verifiable effect on STEM education and career options to receive funding for a STEM-related project. 

Over the last five years, funds raised by the Millennium Point Charitable Trust have gone to several non-profit organisations and local clubs and schools dedicated to STEM education.


Map Location of Millennium Point

Curzon St, Birmingham B4 7XG, United Kingdom

User Reviews

They had plenty of freedom to move around, and the screen was large enough to view every pore on everyone’s face. It isn’t easy to express how much pleasure you’ll have at this beautiful cinema. Cinema that engulfs and even overwhelms the audience. The university’s owners show the second city what it’s like to live in the first. It has a rating of 4.5 from 1186 reviews.

Millennium Point, Cinemas in Birmingham
Millennium Point, Cinemas in Birmingham

Odeon Broadway Plaza

You may watch the latest 3D and 2D films on an IMAX screen at this West Midlands cinema franchise. This Broadway Plaza venue hosts live music, sports, gaming, and dance acts. Choose from a large selection of hot meals cooked for your ODEON moviegoing experience. Give a friend or family member some nachos, hot dogs, or chicken strips. 

You can now order your favourite movie snacks with the myODEON app. Please peek at their delectable menu and order online to save time and money. Everyone’s face could be seen clearly on the massive screen, allowing them to move freely. It isn’t easy to describe how enjoyable your experience will be at this magnificent cinema. Cinema occupies and even devastates the viewer. They demonstrate to the second city what it is like to live in the first. 

Immerse yourself in an incredible cinematic adventure. Large high-definition screens appear to immerse you in the experience. Take advantage of your viewing experience. Dolby Cinema employs cutting-edge video and audio technology and ergonomic seating configurations. 

What if you had the opportunity to fly first class for a day? You’ve arrived at the ODEON Luxe event. Pillowy-soft heads and footrests complement the broad, fully-reclining chairs and enough legroom. Consider the exquisite first-class comfort of their Luxe seats, which include a restaurant-style menu and waiter service. Enjoy a fabulous meal at the movies. 

Their West End and Central London facilities are perfect for seeing movies because of their prime positions in the heart of London’s theatre area and the West End. 

Choose from several ODEON cinemas in central London, including a restored former West End smash and an extravagant Art Deco icon fit for royalty. 


Map Location of Odeon Broadway Plaza

220 Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham B16 8LP, United Kingdom

Users Review

This is a fantastic place! They are the most comfortable seats I’ve ever seen, and they are stunning. That’s why the staff is so accommodating! Extremely spacious, with many screenings on multiple displays, some with top-notch audio. Seats that recline back and have an adjustable footrest provide an incredibly comfortable viewing experience. It has a rating of 4.6 from 4771 reviews.

Odeon Broadway Plaza, Cinemas in Birmingham
Odeon Broadway Plaza, Cinemas in Birmingham

Vue Cinemas

Grafton’s Vue Theatre is in the city’s centre, just steps from a range of shops and restaurants. The leather chairs in the cinema make it easy to unwind and enjoy the show. There are plenty of them, but if you want to see the movie, you must stay awake. Amelie, a local bakery, sells flammkuchen in the Grafton Centre food court. 

What is available at Vue Cambridge in your area? This cutting-edge 8-screen movie experience includes Sony 4K image quality, and Digital Dolby surround sound. Their chairs have been replaced with The Recliner to provide you with the most comfortable viewing experience possible. 

It is a subsidiary of Vue International, a prominent cinema operator with approximately 280 sites and 2,400 screens in Europe and Taiwan. Vue International’s subsidiary is Vue Entertainment. Vue’s 91 cutting-edge cinemas in the UK and Ireland have over 870 screens. Furthermore, 

Vue has a large number of 3D screens (271), as well as three IMAX screens. It is shown in Sony Digital Cinema 4K, which delivers ultra-high-quality graphics with four times the quantity of information. With over 150,000 seats, 98 per cent of which are stadium seating, Vue’s imaginative expansion initiative has set the standard in the UK. Vue Westfield London and Vue Westfield Stratford City have the top two and third best-grossing cinemas in the UK, respectively (September 2011). 


Map Location of Vue Cinemas

Star City, Unit 29 Watson Rd, Nechells, Birmingham B7 5SA, United Kingdom

Users Reviews

The theatre was fantastic, and the employees were amiable and helpful. The motel provided excellent comfort and cleanliness. I adore the new appearance. This multiplex received 4.1 stars from a total of 5676 moviegoers.

Vue Cinemas, Cinemas in Birmingham
Vue Cinemas, Cinemas in Birmingham

Outdoor Cinema Birmingham

This is one of the best venues in the UK to see a movie with your family while enjoying Birmingham’s fresh air. Delicious hot food, a lovely British picnic on the grass, and a welcoming bar are available at this Solihull venue. 

They’re introducing the “Picnic in the Park” experience to kick off the summer of 2022, which lets you see your favourite blockbuster movies while relaxing and savouring all of the local cuisines and drinks available. 

You can be confident that your trip will be one you remember for the rest of your life. To get the most out of their services, they recommend that you plan ahead of time, from housing and food to parking. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. 

​Because of their festival CITY, streets come alive with colour, music, cuisine, and unique vibrations. Learn about upcoming events and purchase tickets on their website!

They endeavour to deliver unique experiences for their guests because having fun is in their DNA. They’ve poured their hearts, sweat, and tears into making this event their own. The Picnic in the Park Film Festival brings people together to share an unforgettable experience. It’s time to find out what all the hype is about, so jump on board immediately. 

​ They are a group of music lovers who believe that a current music playlist can not only improve but also improve the quality of life in a community like Theirs. The sheer quantity of songs played at this year’s festival ensures that there is something for everyone. This year’s event will astound you with everything from delectable cuisine to cool beverages.


Map Location of Outdoor Cinema Birmingham

Open Air Film & Chill Mosely Cricket Club, Birmingham B90 3PE, United Kingdom

User Reviews

It’s a lovely setting with excellent organisation. The atmosphere was fantastic, the screen was apparent, and the audience was polite. There was plenty of food and drink. This multiplex received 5.0 stars from a total of 10 moviegoers.

Outdoor Cinema Birmingham, Cinemas in Birmingham
Outdoor Cinema Birmingham, Cinemas in Birmingham

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