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5 Top Rated Cinemas In Cambridge: Bookings & Ticket Prices

Cinema has always been the backbone of the entertainment industry. It has a significant impact on people’s lives all around the world. That is, it serves as a diversion from the usual. It has seen significant alterations even in recent years. They turn to movies to escape reality. Looking on the bright side, Cinema provides several advantages. Is it simply a reflection of society, or is it more? As a result, it helps them confront the reality of what is happening in the community. It provides them with a realistic view of the world and allows them to see things They might not have noticed previously. Movies’ most crucial element is that they introduce them to diverse civilizations. It exposes them to a wide range of artistic expressions and teaches them about how individuals live their lives. It brings them together in specific ways and increases their tolerance for various creative expressions and cultural traditions.

Cinemas In Cambridge

The theatres have reopened following a round of lockdowns. One of life’s greatest joys is to sit back and relax with a movie (and some snacks, of course!). Cambridge has three movie theatres, all conveniently located near the city centre. There are a few additional possibilities as well. You can find Cambridge cinemas here.

Cinemas Near MeContact
Vue cinema+44 345 308 4620
Light Cinema01223 612 210
Enchanted Cinema+44 7824 669419
Arts Picturehouse:+44 20 7326 2649
The Star and Mouse Picture Show+44 7855 846964

Vue Cinema

Grafton’s Vue theatre is in the city’s centre, close to shopping and restaurants. The reclining leather seats in the theatres allow you to unwind and enjoy the film. They are plentiful, but you must stay up if you want to view the movie. While in the area, swing by Amelie in the Grafton Centre food court for a flammkuchen.

What’s on at the Vue Cambridge in your neighbourhood? A cutting-edge 8-screen movie experience with Sony 4K picture quality and Digital Dolby surround sound awaits. All of their seats have been replaced with The Recliner to provide you with the most comfortable viewing experience possible.

Vue Entertainment is part of Vue International, a leading cinema operator that operates some of the world’s most respected brands in key European markets and Taiwan, with over 280 sites and 2,400 screens. Vue’s 91 state-of-the-art cinemas in the UK and Ireland have over 870 screens. Furthermore, 

Vue boasts many 3D screens (271) and three IMAX screens. Most of their films are projected in Sony Digital Cinema 4K for ultra-high definition images with four times more information. With almost 150,000 seats, 98 percent of which are stadium seating, Vue’s innovative growth initiative has set the bar in the UK. Vue Westfield London (February 2010) and Vue Westfield Stratford City (March 2010) are the country’s top two and third-highest grossing cinemas, respectively (September 2011).


The Grafton Centre, East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1PS, United Kingdom

User Reviews

The personnel were extremely courteous and helpful, and the theatre was fantastic. The absolute comfort and cleanliness were excellent. I love the new appearance. This Cinema has received a 4.4 rating from 2178 moviegoers.

Vue Cinema, Cinemas in Cambridge
Vue Cinema, Cinemas in Cambridge

Light Cinema

The Light Theater, Cambridge’s third Cinema, shows the latest blockbusters. A visit to Cambridge Leisure will undoubtedly brighten the day for any children you may have. Enter the facility, conveniently near the train station, and participate in various fascinating activities. A massive multi-story parking structure is also nearby. What are your options in this situation? 

There’s a movie theatre, bowling alleys, karaoke, a fitness centre, and a music venue called The Junction if you’re searching for something to do. Sing Dizzy, the karaoke machine, is a lot of fun! Wagamama, Five Guys, Nando’s, and various other restaurants are available at Cambridge Leisure.

They endeavour to present their customers at The Light with an unparalleled cinematic experience.

Every one of their displays has wheelchair spaces, lift access, and an escalator, making it easy for everyone to experience their materials.

They conduct autism screenings for children every month. These are a great alternative if you’re afraid of going to the movies. It’s OK if you make a slight noise or need to get up and wander around a little. Their baby-friendly screenings are open to parents and their newborns under the age of one year. Members of the general public will be unable to attend these screenings. 

Adapted movie theatres with reduced illumination and sound. Please keep in mind that these events do not provide pastoral care. You must be accompanied by a friend, family member, or caregiver. If you require it, you can use the hearing loop system in the foyer. You can use the T setting on hearing aids, a headset system, and the neck loop for all their films and events. 


Leisure Park, Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7DY, United Kingdom

User Reviews

Although the personnel is kind and the facilities are acceptable, the televisions could need some TLC. Many of the chairs are damaged and ripped in various places. For the same ticket price, competing seats are significantly more comfortable. This Cinema has received a 4.1 rating from 1791 moviegoers.

Light Cinema, Cinemas in Cambridge
Light Cinema, Cinemas in Cambridge

Enchanted Cinema

Enchanted Cinema was founded on the idea of producing outstanding experiences for both public and private clients. They tailor each quotation to their customer’s specific needs and aspirations.

They focus on the ambience and sensations that an event may evoke to provide a stress-free celebration for their clients. 

They love to create beautiful experiences before, during, and after screenings with everything from popcorn to fire pits to hot water bottles to wandering entertainers. To top it all off, there’s always a great movie to watch before the concert and fantastic food and drink to enjoy. 

The focal point of your event. When faced with the difficult challenge of choosing from among the many thousands of films available, They assist their clients in reducing their options and providing recommendations based on their target audience and unique needs. Because of their relationships with all major film distributors, They have access to the most recent post-cinema releases and hundreds of off-the-radar art pieces, aside from entertaining and educational documentaries.

They employ music to generate a sense of anticipation and awe before the commencement of the films. They’ve scheduled performances by well-known artists, local bands, and collectives before significant events. In addition to DJs and bands, They provide various entertainment options such as soloists, funk and classical ensembles, and more.

Enchanted Cinema is launching an entirely new booking system that requires consumers to order for the entire group when they reserve to preserve the health and safety of their customers and personnel. 

They will then seat you apart from the rest of the audience. This simplifies the booking process while remaining compliant with government rules and allowing for a more personalized level of service. 

Furthermore, the Cinema and its immediate surroundings will be subject to its personnel’s rigorous hygienic requirements. All of their food distributors will follow the same guidelines. The Covid, on the other hand, will be kept. Please do not attend a screening if you feel ill, as the government advises.

That’s precisely what I mean. They’ve been in the hospitality business for over a decade and have a wide range of food and beverage providers on hand for their public events, not to mention their lovely bar.

You could have champagne and oysters while watching The Great Gatsby or pizza and beer. In the future, we’ll be able to plan and execute a variety of menus for each client.


2B Gresham Rd, Cambridge CB1 2EP, UK

User Reviews

It’s excellent, and you can sit anywhere you like, and there are drinks and food for sale. This Cinema has received a 5 rating from 51 moviegoers.

Enchanted Cinema, Cinemas in Cambridge
Enchanted Cinema, Cinemas in Cambridge

Arts Picturehouse

What They Do At Picturehouse, movies are exhibited on a smaller screen and include recent blockbusters and classics. Special screenings at The Arts include dog-friendly screenings, films for persons with autism, and more. There is also an excellent café within the property. Bringing a glass of wine into the screen is a great sensation. This is an ideal location for individuals who intend to use public transportation to and from the city centre and the neighbouring bus station. 

There are numerous options for pre- or post-movie dining; browse their list of the best Cambridge restaurants to make your decision.

Picturehouse, a renowned British film company, merges Cinema, distribution, and home entertainment into a single business.

Picturehouse is a huge movie buff. Each of their movie theatres is unique, full of character, and staffed by pleasant, helpful workers. They are all located in the heart of their respective communities. They broadcast a diverse selection of films, not just the finest. They’ve covered you whether you’re searching for a place to eat, meet, or rest!

Those who appreciate opera and theatre will be pleased to learn that They broadcast these acts live and direct from the world’s most prestigious theatres. If you like superhero flicks, grab a large popcorn and head to one of their cutting-edge screens.

Their restaurants, bars, and cafes are a must-see for people of all tastes and budgets. The menu features everything from burgers to superfood salads, as well as coffees, cocktails, and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

They support independent film organizations and sponsor some of the most innovative film festivals, all presented on 35mm and 70mm film in select Picturehouse Cinemas. Their goal is to give you a diverse selection of films, from mainstream and family fare to indies, documentaries, and foreign language films.


38-39 St Andrew’s St, Cambridge CB2 3AR, United Kingdom

User Reviews

It’s a beautiful cinema, so it’s quick, convenient, and moderately priced. The former Regal is an excellent location with prompt table service. Awesome chairs and popcorn. This Cinema has received a 4.4 rating from 1790 moviegoers.

Arts Picturehouse:, Cinemas in Cambridge
Arts Picturehouse:, Cinemas in Cambridge

The Star and Mouse Picture Show

For an outdoor movie experience, go to the Star and Mouse Picture Show website. It’s all about the twinkling lights, pre-movie entertainment, cuisine, and good times! Make use of their planned events and private showings.

The Star & Mouse Picture Show is a secret trinket cinema in rural Cambridge. It all started with a series of parties in their backyard that culminated in a film screening. In those days, projections were made using an old bed sheet hung in the woods. 

Things are a little different this time! Because their labour is portable, They can work in a vineyard one day and a swimming pool the next. People who want to make their night a star must follow one rule: make it unlike any other.

Entertainment in Advance of a Motion Picture There will be entertaining activities like giant Jenga and live music before your film starts, so come early for a laugh. Please keep in mind that Cinema begins at nightfall and not earlier.

No matter how many fires pits you use, bring a thick blanket to keep you warm until the sun goes down.

Food & Beverage Snacks and heartier meals are both available. Please do not bring your alcoholic beverages because They will have a broad selection available at their bar.

Because They adore everyone, you are free to wear whatever you choose. Ruffles and rhinestones are welcome, as are wellies and flat headgear. Their inventory includes both seated and unseated tickets. Prices can and do fluctuate!


36 Hall Dr, Hardwick, Cambridge CB23 7QN, United Kingdom

User Reviews

It’s challenging to believe Star & Mouse is a pop-up cinema. A terrific time and an incredible value. While you’re there, visit the concession counter, which offers something for everyone, and the on-site bar, which has a fantastic selection. This Cinema has received a 4.5 rating from 16 moviegoers.

The Star and Mouse Picture Show, Cinemas in Cambridge
The Star and Mouse Picture Show, Cinemas in Cambridge

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