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10 Best Jewellery Shops In Manchester Selling Elegant Jewellery

Jewelry is commonly thought of as a method to complete an outfit. Many people do not consider themselves to have arrived until they adequately adorn their clothes. Pearls and diamonds, for example, are vital to completing a “classic” style. Jewelry has been an important aspect of human civilization for thousands of years. According to historical records, jewelry was highly esteemed by ancient societies and served to enhance the wearer’s intrinsic attractiveness. One wore various jewelry pieces to convey messages of safety, intellect, grace, and good fortune.

Jewelry Shops In Manchester

Jewelry has the unquestionable ability to showcase the finest of a woman’s appearance and personality when worn by the right person at the right moment. It is essential for women since it can increase their self-esteem and feelings of attractiveness, style, and originality. Many women respect it because it makes them feel confident and appealing. Here are the best jewelry shops in Manchester for your next style.

Jewelry Shops ManchesterContact
Boodles, Manchester +44 161 833 9000
A1 Jewellers+44 161 721 4924
Hancocks+44 161 834 4512
Beaverbrooks+44 161 834 4904
Selina Campbell Jewellery+44 7842 567967
David M Robinson+44 333 996 9987
Philip Stone, the Jeweller+44 161 833 1751
Midas Diamonds+44 161 833 9659
Ernest Jones+44 161 839 7040
Nesher Ltd+44 161 740 0909

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Boodles, Manchester | Luxury Jewellery & Engagement Rings

Boodles was always distinguished from the crowd. There is no other fine jewelry label founded in Liverpool that the same family has run for nearly 200 years and six generations. This is the story of a fine jewelry company, but it’s also the story of the people who helped it grow from humble beginnings to the blooming success and worldwide acclaim it has today.


In 1798, the Kirks established a jewelry business from which they later purchased Boodle and Dunthorne.

William Wainwright made pocket watches.

It all started in Leicester with a young man named Henry Wainwright and the Boodles brand he developed. In 1878, he began an apprenticeship at his uncle William Wainwright’s watchmaker firm in Leicester. Henry learned the skills and information required to become a professional jeweler during his stay there.

Around the world in just 16 days.

In 1962, Anthony Wainwright set a record by circumnavigating the globe in 16 days. Their 2021 high jewelry line, “Around the World in 16 Days,” was inspired by images from his travels uncovered 30 years after he died.

A single mine produces gold.

Boodles is thrilled to announce that all of its gold jewellery now originates from a single mine origin.


Map Location of Boodles, Manchester | Luxury Jewellery & Engagement Rings

13-15 King St, Manchester M2 6AW, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

User Reviews

Excellent support and wonderful silver jewellery. Hayley Pearson is a fountain of knowledge and support. They have a 4.3 rating from 8 customers.

Boodles, Manchester | Luxury Jewellery & Engagement Rings, Jewellery Shops In Manchester
Boodles, Manchester | Luxury Jewellery & Engagement Rings, Jewellery Shops In Manchester

A1 Jewellers

Top Jewellers

Two years in a row as one of the top three jewellers in Manchester.

Best online sellers of 24ct, 22ct Gold

A1 Jewellers is one of the best online sellers of 24ct, and 22ct Gold Indian/Asian & English Jewellery worldwide. They aim to win customers’ trust and gratitude by exceeding their highest service expectations.

Their Specializations

They specialize in personalized wedding and engagement rings and diamond and platinum jewellery. Choose from a wide range of fine jewellery, including items set with precious and semiprecious stones, sterling silver, diamonds, name-brand timepieces, and rhodium plating, all created and crafted by hand.

Other services

Among their wares are gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, mothers’ and fathers’ days, Christmas, and other holidays. A1 Jewellers provides other services such as ear piercing, jewellery cleaning & polishing, watch repair, engraving, and more. Even if your jewellery is damaged or outdated, they will pay the top price. In addition, they offer an in-house repair service.

In the jewellery business for over fifty years

A1Jewellers has been in the jewellery business for over fifty years, following in the footsteps of its forefathers. Beginning in the early 1950s, the plot shifts to Meerak, a hamlet in Pakistan’s Punjab state around 160 kilometres (100 kilometers) from Lahore. 

Mian Ghulam Rasool, the oldest son of Mian Siraaj-Ul-Haq, began his career as an apprentice to a talented jeweller known simply as “Sundar” in the neighbourhood, who also happened to be one of the finest economists, investment bankers, and savings bankers of the day. Those in need can either buy gold from these artisans or leave gold and money with them. 

A massive stack of books called “Wahi,” a logbook of clients, was kept for each hamlet in the area.

Mian Ghulam Rasool’s younger brothers, Mian Ghulam Mustafa and Mian Bashir-Ul-Haq began training with him when he founded a small jewellery shop in Merak.


Map Location of A1 Jewellers

364 Cheetham Hill Rd, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 9LS, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 6 pm.

User Reviews

This jewellery is of exceptional quality. The service was outstanding from start to finish, with timely and clear communication with the providers. They have a 4.6 rating from 127 customers.

A1 Jewellers, Jewellery Shops In Manchester
A1 Jewellers, Jewellery Shops In Manchester



Hancocks, Manchester’s oldest jeweller, has established and defined an excellent vision for over 150 years. Because of their traditional sophistication and exquisite beauty, their designs have captivated clients for years.

They still chose each item for their famous King Street store in the heart of Manchester based on how unusual it is and how it makes their customers feel today.

Well-known brand 

Hancocks is a well-known brand in the diamond and gemstone industry. Hancocks is Manchester’s oldest fine jeweller, having opened in 1860, just as Napoleon III was about to invade Prussia.


Manchester was the cotton industry’s epicenter at the time, and the city’s merchants and “cotton kings” earned tremendous financial advantages from the thriving industry. This was the historical context in which Manchester native Josiah Hancock, a clock winder for the aristocracy, spent his week winding the clocks of the nobility and industrial barons’ country estates and mansions.

Soon after, he opened a shop in Piccadilly, and when the business grew, he relocated to the same building on King Street that Hancocks still occupies today.

Jewellery of the highest quality

Hancock’s jewellery is of the highest quality now, as it has always been, because of the time and attention that goes into crafting each item and picking each stone to make it the most sought-after collection in the North West.


Map Location of Hancocks

29 King St, Manchester M2 6AF, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For its customers from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

User Reviews

A jeweller is known for warmth, professionalism, and uniqueness; great for purchasing wedding bands. Everyone working here is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and the products are gorgeous. They have a 4.3 rating from 28 customers.

Hancocks, Jewellery Shops In Manchester
Hancocks, Jewellery Shops In Manchester


They are well-equipped to assist you in marking life’s events, with a history extending back more than a century, decades of experience, and a bevy of accolades. The “I dos,” the birth of a new child, a significant birthday (even one you’d like to keep private), and a moment of well-deserved self-love are all worth sharing.

As long as it is essential to you, it is also important.

They appreciate goods that consumers will retain for the rest of their lives, whether worn daily, stored for a particular occasion, or given as an “I love you” gesture. But that’s not the end of their excitement. Knowing how much it means to you, they are delighted to be able to celebrate and share such milestones with you.

Making a constructive contribution

Furthermore, what is the focal point? The reason for this. Simply put, they exist to make the lives of others better, including their customers, employees, and neighbours.

They can enhance people’s lives by giving back to the community. They’ve given over £18 million to over 750 different organizations since 2000, an accomplishment They’re proud of.

The era of unchangeable pajamas and simple necessities has passed. Flashy, enormous jewellery will be fashionable in 2022.

Given the variety of interesting new advancements in men’s jewellery in 2022, they thought it would be a good idea to look at some of their favourite current men’s accessories.


Map Location of Beaverbrooks

86 Arndale Centre, Manchester M4 2HU, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7.30 pm.

User Reviews

The best personnel I’ve ever worked with are so kind and engaging. There is a strong community here, and the staff is always eager to assist. They were similarly adept when it came to in-store covid evaluations. They have a 4.5 rating from 89 customers.

Beaverbrooks,  Jewellery Shops In Manchester
Beaverbrooks,  Jewellery Shops In Manchester

Selina Campbell Jewellery

In Manchester, they can design one-of-a-kind, bespoke jewellery for you.

Selina and her team can make one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for formal events such as weddings and civil ceremonies. Suppose you want to commemorate a special occasion or give someone a one-of-a-kind gift. In that case, you can choose earrings, charms, necklaces, eternity rings, unity rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and unusually shaped wedding bands designed to fit snugly around engagement rings. If you have a unique idea for a piece of jewellery and want to discuss it with their design team, they would be delighted to hear from you. You can direct the manufacturing of individual objects and sets that complement one another.

Custom jewellery orders

To begin working on your custom jewellery order, they require information from you, such as the preferred design, materials, stones, and sizes, if you’d like to speak with one of their creative team members.

You can also use their online scheduling system by clicking here.

Sterling silver, 9-carat yellow gold, 9-carat white gold, 9-carat red gold, 18-carat yellow gold, 18-carat white gold, and 18-carat red gold are available.

You can purchase diamonds and other valuable stones in one-of-a-kind jewellery designs.

Custom jewellery design costs and methods

To create your one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, select the materials you prefer and contact the jeweller with any questions. The actual cost of any custom jewellery order placed with them will be determined by the metal, stones, and amount of detail you select.

A one-of-a-kind, custom-made piece of jewellery should cost more than a similar piece of mass-produced jewellery offered in a mall jewellery store.

Time and Effort

The length of time and effort it takes to complete an order is determined by factors such as the complexity of the design and the availability of resources. It could take anything from three to eight weeks to make them. Keep this in mind when browsing for bespoke jewellery. There is no case where a deadline would not be advantageous.


Map Location of Selina Campbell Jewellery

Studio, 3rd floor, THREE.TWO, 3 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DN, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 5 pm.

User Reviews

They were the sweetest, most knowledgeable people I’d ever met, and their diamond was the most beautiful I’d ever seen. Selina creates a piece of one-of-a-kind jewellery for her customers. They have a 4.9 rating from 71 customers.

Selina Campbell Jewellery,  Jewellery Shops In Manchester
Selina Campbell Jewellery,  Jewellery Shops In Manchester

David M Robinson

If you are looking to purchase Rolex watches, then visit David M Robinson, an official Rolex retailer in St. Ann’s Square. David M Robinson was established in 1969 and has won DeBeers Diamonds International Award for its excellent service and top-notch craftsmanship. David M Robinson is a family-owned business and is renowned for its yellow-boxed jewelry and stylish timepieces. If you are looking to buy jewelry for your big day, then get it from David M Robinson. The luxurious jewelry showroom sells premium diamond rings and bespoke bracelets, and earrings designed in-house. David M Robinson also offers wristwatch servicing and jewelry valuation. They employ the most goldsmiths in-house, and their team also comprises expert watchmakers, designers, and talented display artists. Many customers specially visit David M Robinson to get bespoke jewelry placed in yellow boxes.


28 St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7JB, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

User Reviews

Highly skilled, knowledgeable, and give fantastic service. They have a 4.8 rating from 212 customers.

Philip Stoner, the Jeweler

Next on the list is the top-rated jewelry store in Manchester, Philip Stoner the Jeweler, at a 2-minute walking distance from John Rylands Library. The showroom features executive engagement and wedding rings. Surprise your partner with a bespoke diamond ring. The best aspect of Philip Stoner the Jeweler is that they sell computer-designed bridal jewelry that is sure to make your mind blow. They have goldsmiths on-site who design beautiful and stylish jewelry. Other services offered by Philip Stoner the Jeweler are jewelry repair and valuation services. Philip Stoner the Jeweler also has branches in Leeds.


G20, The Avenue Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3HF, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Wednesday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

User Reviews

Lovely quality stones and settings-the best jewelers I have come across. They have a 5 rating from 14 customers.

Midas Diamonds

As the name suggests, Midas Diamonds sell premium diamond and platinum jewelry and is located on a 2-minute walk from John Rylands Library. The best aspect of Midas Diamonds is that they sell stunning jewelry at affordable rates, so everyone gets a chance to show off themselves at parties. Midas Diamonds manufactures its jewelry on-site and stocks the finest pieces from around the world. They also sell reasonably priced eternity rings. They have been in the business for the past 20 years and have been blessing the people of Manchester with luxurious jewelry items.


4 King St, Manchester M2 6AQ, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

User Reviews

The first place I think of is if I want a new piece of jewelry. They have a 4.3 rating from 11 customers.

Ernest Jones

Next on the list is Ernest Jones selling special 22k gold jewelry of all types. They deal in all sorts of jewelry, from silver and palladium to platinum and gold. Ernest Jones is the wholesale retailer of Asian 22ct gold and 18ct diamond and platinum jewelry. If you are looking to get multiple items, then you must get them from Ernest Jones. Ernest Jones offers ear-piercing, jewelry repair, polishing, watch repair, and battery replacement. They also do text and photo engraving on jewelry. You can get fine handmade studs, chains, rings, and earrings from Ernest Jones.


97, Manchester Arndale, Manchester M4 3AB, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 7 pm.

User Reviews

Great service and a wide range of jewelry with reasonable prices. They have a 4.4 rating from 53 customers.

Nesher Ltd

Last on the list is Nesher Ltd, Europe’s largest online store for jewelry and watches. They stock the finest and premium gold, diamond, silver, and crystal jewelry. They also sell designer jewelry from the likes of Armani, Omega, etc. One of the best aspects of Nesher Ltd is that they sell the latest watches from Rolex, Michael Kors, Fossil, Guess and G-shock available for men, women, and children. Nesher Ltd has been in the business for over 30 years and has suppliers in India, China, and the Middle East. They aim to sell the best and the most popular items worldwide. Moreover, they also sell designer perfumes and branded colognes. This place is ideal for bridal shopping. Nesher Ltd offers free delivery on orders above £100.


12 Holland Rd, Crumpsall, Manchester M8 4NP, United Kingdom


The Store is Open For their customers from Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 5 pm.

User Reviews

They have a 3.7 rating from 3 customers.

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